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Lexi Ventures provides seed stage funding for US startups. Please connect if you are working on any of these.

For investors

Lexi Ventures seeks concentration in the foundational technology that will provide the highest growth over the next decade, genomics, while seeking the best such investment opportunities across many markets.

Genomics will cure many major human diseases, improving happiness and reducing healthcare needs. Genomics will enable plants and microbes to produce newer and better things that we need and want, while sustaining the natural environment.

These will create the next wave of wealth creation.

Lexi Ventures has a unique concentration in the genomics revolution.

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Jonah Probell

Managing Partner

Jonah manages the investments for Lexi Ventures. He takes a rational, dispassionate, methodical approach to value investing for maximum long-term DPI. This grew from a decade of experience building patent portfolios.

Jonah has a lifelong interest in science and engineering. He has studied the history of human technological development. From this Jonah forecasts that (1) the next decade will see the first large scale commercial applications of genetic engineering and that (2) the value created will exceed that from any other field of technology.

Prior to finance, Jonah held engineering, executive, and founder roles in 7 startups in the fields of semiconductors and AI software. He had 2 IPOs, 16 granted patents and wrote 2 books on patenting.