investing in the genomics revolution

Health and Happiness

Diagnostics - Therapeutics - Antibiotics - Vaccines - Longevity - Probiotics - Cosmetics

Other Industries

Food - Agriculture - Recycling - Biomaterials - Chemicals


Software - Data - AI - IP


Consumer personal care products made from optimized bacteria to boost self confidence

Also backed by Boost VC, Savantus Ventures

SaaS AI modeling of cell dynamics to reduce the cost of developing better medicines

Also backed by Hula Fund

Single-molecule, massively parallel protein sequencing for faster diagnosis and research

Also backed by OMX, Fundomo, Nucleate

mRNA medicines delivered on target for efficacy without side effects

Also backed by Y Combinator


Genomics Defined

A broad definition to simplify the terminology on this website.

Demand for Genomics

Genomics is creating new categories within health, food, materials, and transportation.

The Next Big Thing

The next industrial revolution is biological, unlocked by AI, new methods, falling costs, and available talent.

Why Lexi?

Lexi Ventures seeks a unique concentration in the next great technology revolution.

Effective Philanthropy

Investing is the most effective philanthropy.

AI and Genomics

Advances in AI have laid the foundation for advances in genomics.

Genomics is not Biotech

Biotech is analog. Genomics is digital.

A Genomics Portfolio

A balanced portfolio includes therapeutics, diagnostics, food, materials, software, and more.

Patent/Venture Portfolios

Patents and startups stem from inventions. Many best practices apply to both kinds of portfolio construction.

Deal Flow

Finding many deals to choose from is important. Seeing the gems is crucial for best returns.

Picking Winners

Qualitative and quantitative approaches are helpful to guide the decisions of where to invest.

Timing Uncertainty

Predicting a company's future prospects is a probabilistic exercise.

Funding Round Values

A company's value should grow as it puts invested capital and revenues to work.

Pitch Decks

There are ways to make a pitch deck that give a helpful first impression of a company.

Solo Fund Managers

Contrary to conventional wisdom, solo managers perform best.

Decision Biases

Human nature leads towards sub-optimal decisions in many ways.

Books on Genomics

A few books on genomics stand out for being especially educational and enjoyable.