Synthetic Biology Breakthrough Paves the Way for Cheaper Vaccines (SciTechDaily)

"These so-called adjuvants are added in small quantities but have a big protective effect, particularly in infants with immature immune systems and older people with a declining immune response... Producing compounds like this in yeast is not only cheaper, but more environmentally friendly, avoiding many of the caustic and toxic chemicals needed to extract the compound from plants."

AlphaFold 3, CRISPR Eyes, Ear Genes, MDMA, Societal Collapse (Not Boring)

Packy McCormick's Weekly Dose of Optimism gives highlights of the SynBioBeta 2024 annual conference

"We are living in an age of miracles."

Democratize Omics Data Analysis with Basepair on AWS HealthOmics (Amazon)

Amazon Web Services' focus on genomics (and proteomics, transcriptomics, etc.) is evidence that the industry is digital and big.

Personal Hygiene’s Renaissance, Brought to You by Synthetic Biology (SynBioBeta)

About Taxa Technologies

"[I]t’s so delightful that Taxa Technologies will be using synthetic biology to get their consumers closer to nature, not further. In other words, they’ll be leveraging synthetic biology to deliver products that are actually less synthetic"

Synthetic Biology Market Experiencing Rapid Growth 28.3% (BioSpace)

"The synthetic biology market is experiencing rapid growth driven by its diverse applications across medicine, manufacturing, and agriculture."

5 Startup Opportunities In Genomics (Forbes)

"The ability to read, interpret, and manipulate genetic information is not just transforming medicine by offering the potential to eliminate diseases and increase human lifespan - it's paving the way for entirely new industries."

Gene Therapy, DNA's Past, RNA's Future: A Time Of Promise (Forbes)

"With continued research and development, gene therapy can transform countless lives."

Proteomics sets up single-cell and single-molecule solutions (Nature Methods)

About Glyphic Biotechnologies

"The future is not one in which every biologist has to be a mass spectrometrist"

The U.S. Bioeconomy: Charting a Course for a Resilient and Competitive Future (Schmidt Futures)

"Schmidt Futures, a philanthropic initiative of Eric and Wendy Schmidt, convened a Task Force to chart a course for achieving the promise of platform technologies such as engineering biology and artificial intelligence to contribute to what has recently been projected to become a future bioeconomy worth somewhere between $4 trillion and $30 trillion dollars globally, according to the most recent projections."

Safeguarding the Bioeconomy (National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine)

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"Moving forward, the life sciences communities will likely continue to experience change in the form of growing transdisciplinary and team-based science; an increasing shift toward applying engineering approaches to biology; a global environment for science that is driven by sharing, accessing, and analyzing large amounts of data; and changing stakeholders, workforce, and supply chains."