Why Lexi?

Lexi Ventures seeks concentration in the foundational technology that will provide the highest growth over the next decade, genomics, while seeking the best such investment opportunities across many markets.

The cross-market focus avoids the need to back second tier startups to deploy a fund on thesis. However, as a small firm, concentration is important to be competent and well connected in the field. More important is to concentrate on the right technology. It is widely recognized by forward thinking technologists such as Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt, Sam Altman, and Jensen Huang that genomics is the next great wave.

Lexi Ventures co-invests with other funds that have an interest in genomics. These tend to be funds specialized in health, climate, and deep technologies. Health funds tend to be diluted with investments in incremental technologies such as medical devices and niche-focused software, all of which have relatively low growth potential. Climate funds tend to be diluted with investments burdened by risk of future unfavorable government policies. Deep tech funds tend to bet on highly uncertain revolutionary technologies.

At a steady rate of about 8 seed stage genomics investment per year, Lexi Ventures will be in the top 20 VC funds for genomics investments, in good company with Andreesen Horowitz, Khosla Ventures, Y Combinator, F-Prime Capital, Lux Capital, SOSV, DCVC, and NFX.

Lexi Ventures is seeding the coming wave of genomics technology.